Gold Ridge Fire Protection District    
 Serving the communities of Hessel, Twin Hills, Freestone, Rural Sebastopol and the Bennett Valley Fire District 



Station One, the Hessel Station, is located at 4500 Hessel Road and is considered our headquarters and houses our administrative offices. Station 1 is consistently staffed by three firefighters responding to emergencies 24 hours a day. There is also a core group of dedicated volunteers living in the area that assist the paid staff when needed. Station One houses a type 1 fire engine, type 3 fire engine, a watertender, a reserve type 3, the District's breathing air support unit and a utility.



Station Two, located at 1690 Watertrough Road, is also known as the Twin Hills Station. Station Two is staffed 24 hours a day by a three person engine and the District's Battalion Chief. It is our busiest station. Volunteers support the paid staff on incidents requiring additional equipment or personnel.  Originally built by the volunteers in 1961, this station was completely remodeled with a large addition, in 1996. This station houses the Battalion Chief's truck, a type 1 engine, type 3 engine, a watertender and a utility.


sta3.png Station Three, the Freestone Station, is the smallest of our stations and is located on Bohemian Highway in the community of Freestone. This station houses one engine and one watertender, and is staffed by volunteers.  Though the numbers are small, the dedication and length of service from the Freestone volunteers is hard to match. Station 2 personnel respond to all emergency calls in district 3 if volunteer staffing is not available to ensure response.


For many years, the Hessel, Twin Hills, and Freestone Fire Departments provided fire service for the rural Sebastopol area.  As the region has grown, our departments have merged in an effort to reduce costs without reducing services.  While our level of training, equipment, and size have changed, this is essentially the same volunteer system that has protected our area since the 1950's and 1960's.  

We take pride in the fact that many of our newer residents never realize the task of protecting their families and property fall into the hands of truly professional "volunteers".  Please support your local volunteer fire department.

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