Gold Ridge Fire Protection District    
 Serving the communities of Hessel, Twin Hills, Freestone, Rural Sebastopol and the Bennett Valley Fire District 
ISO Ratings
 In February 2005, Gold Ridge Fire Protection District performed a water supply exercise that was evaluated by the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) to assess the District’s fire suppression capability.  Most insurance companies use the resulting information to establish premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  Insurance companies generally offer lower premiums in communities with better protection.  Prior to the water supply exercise, Gold Ridge Fire District had a rating of 8, which was the highest rating achievable without fire hydrants.  As a result of February’s water supply exercise and the subsequent analysis and rating of our fire district, the ISO has determined that our rating will be improved to a Class 5, effective November 1, 2005.  

The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) rates fire departments based on three factors: 1) the available water supply, 2) fire alarm and communication systems, and 3) fire fighting capabilities.  A rating of 1 indicates the lowest risk of structural damage due to a fire; a rating of 10 indicates the highest risk.


A new hauled water provision allows an improved rating if an agency is able to supply at least 250 gallons per minute for two hours.  Gold Ridge performed at 600 gallons per minute for two hours using 14 water tenders, including those provided by surrounding agencies.  As the first agency in Sonoma County to attempt this hauled water rating, we are very proud and look forward to a reduction of fire insurance premiums for our homeowners.  Property owners should contact their insurance agent after November 1, 2005 to inquire about a rate reduction.

As of May 2017, the ISO Rating for Gold Ridge Fire is 04/10