Gold Ridge Fire Protection District    
 Serving the communities of Hessel, Twin Hills, Freestone, Rural Sebastopol and the Bennett Valley Fire District 
Board Meeting Schedule and Minutes


All meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month unless stated and begin at 7:00 pm.
2017 Gold Ridge Fire District Board Meeting Schedule and Locations

2017 Board Meeting Agendas:

September 2017 Agenda
August 2017 Agenda
July 2017 Agenda
June 2017 Agenda
May 2017 Agenda
April 2017 Agenda
March 2017 Agenda
February 2017 Agenda
January 2017 Agenda

2017 Board Meeting Minutes:

August 2017 Minutes
July 2017 Minutes
June 2017 Minutes
May 2017 Minutes
April 2017 Minutes
March 2017 Minutes
February 2017 Minutes
January 2017 Minutes

2016 Board Meeting Agendas:
December 2016 Special Meeting Agenda
December 2016 Meeting Rescheduled
November 2016 Agenda
October 2016 Agenda
September 2016 Agenda
August 2016 Agenda
July 2016 Agenda
NOTICE- June Meeting Rescheduled
June 2016 Agenda
Public Notice Preliminary Budget FY 16/17
May 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Agenda
March 2016 Agenda
February 2016 Agenda
January 2016 Agenda

2016 Board Meeting Minutes:
December 2016 Minutes
November 2016 Minutes
October 2016 Minutes
September 2016 Minutes
August 2016 Minutes
July 2016 Minutes
June 2016 Minutes
May 2016 Minutes
April 2016 Minutes
March 2016 Minutes
February 2016 Minutes
January 2016 Minutes

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